Client: RunMyProcess @ Fujitsu EST
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UX Research
Concept Design
Interface Design

Working on the design and improving the user experience of RunMyProcess was one of my main tasks, working in the UX team at Fujitsu EST. The software is an expert tool for the digitalization and automation of business processes. Our team shaped the full redesign of the product from start to finish. As part of this effort, I applied the full catalogue of methods at our disposal (e.g. Heuristic Evaluations, Surveys, Interviews, User Stories, Task Analyses). As part of both the UX and UI team, I further worked on the design and conception of major components of the system based on the insights we gained from user research.
Among other benefits, we could show that through our suggestions, efficiency of a major component of the tool could be improved by 39% (# of required clicks to accomplish standard tasks) compared to the previous solution.